Better Managers and Leaders for today and the future

Our Mission:

Life Crusader Coaching and Training Academy strives to uplift and equip young business people of today with the skills, knowledge and toolsets to be great, effective and efficient leaders and managers of people in both the corporate world as well as small business for both the private and public sectors. It also strives to uplift and equip the growing minds of today with technical skills and expertise and their respective technical fields.

About Robert Durkin:

After an illustrious career (23 yrs) in the corporate world gaining a wealth of experience in various fields from Facilities, Customer Services to Business Analysis and finally specializing in Leadership having headed up various Departments at senior management level in the IT sphere for the last 15 years it was time for a change. 

This change was to something he has always been passionate about all his life; growing and helping people. This is also evident in his relentless quest to help people having been a police reservist for the last 18 years. Having completed his formal training at the international “Robert Simic Coaching Institute” and graduating as an RSCI Coach and specializing as a Life Coach and a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner he has the tools and practical knowledge and knowhow to help people grow and prosper on both a personal and business level.

Robert Durkin